Warm Audio WA-MPX Single-Channel Tube Mic Preamp

Warm Audio WA-MPX Single-Channel Tube Mic Preamp

Price: $749.00
(as of May 31, 2023 16:22:48 UTC – Details)

The WA-MPX is an authentic reproduction of the most revered microphone tube preamp that pioneered the birth of rock ‘n’ roll & radio-ready hits. With premium components and true-to-original circuit design, WA-MPX authentically delivers the iconic analog warmth and tape-era tube tone that is still chased by today’s modern artists.
Power & Versatility For A Wider Range Of Analog Tone: Delivering an impressive 300v of raw power & 90dB of tube gain, WA-MPX achieves clean gain & powerful volume, that pushes the tubes to saturate just like the most timeless analog gear.
Premium Components & Handwired Construction For An Authentic Vintage Experience: Hand-assembled with three premium tubes per channel paired with custom-wound true-to-spec USA CineMag transformers, the WA-MPX authentically reproduces all the analog tone of the original.
Selectable, All-Analog Tape Saturation: WA-MPX uses discrete analog components that provide compression, saturation, and non-linear frequency response for authentic tape-era reel-to-reel sound at 15IPS.
Hi-Pass (80Hz) & Low-Pass (2kHz) Filters to Refine Tone: The 2kHz low-pass filter allows you to further shape and focus your tone, dialing in ultimate midrange warmth & punch. The 80Hz hi-pass filter helps remove unwanted bass noise from unruly sources.
Hand-Inspected & Tested at Warm Audio HQ in Austin, Texas: Carefully inspected at Warm Audio Headquarters in Austin, Texas by trained engineers & musicians with a passion for helping you sound your best.

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